Writing on Education

To Teach a Kid How to Read, Teach a Kid How to Think
If you have not been paying attention to trends in grade school pedagogy over the last couple decades, the first thing you should know is this: The way public school students—and particularly those in low-performing, low-income districts—are taught to understand books looks little like the way most readers of this site, myself included, probably learned themselves.
(The Millions, 2010)
How Should Teachers Be Trained?
A new report from the Department of Education finds that, controlling for background characteristics like teaching experience and prior academic achievement, the type of training a teacher receives has no significant effect on student achievement.
(The New America Foundation, 2009)
Curriculum Reform at Harvard
The proposed shift from “ways of knowing” to “real-world context” will do little to address the Core’s real problem, which is that it promotes an atomized, individualistic type of learning while rarely encouraging undergraduates to take a meaningful role in each other’s educations.
(The Harvard Crimson, 2007)