Thoughts on why the Tea Party hates Obama

I recently reviewed Jonathan Alter’s new book “The Promise: Year One of the Obama Presidency” for the Christian Science Monitor. Alter depicts the Obama White House as almost boring- just a bunch of smart people trying to solve problems. In my review I write about what it is about this technocratic approach that makes the far-Right so angry:

By parsing the difference between Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, Obama made it clear that he, too, aims to have a transformational effect on America. But transformational in what direction? The postpartisan mirage – if Obama ever really believed that would be his legacy – has been exposed as such. Obama is content for now to present himself as a technocrat solving problems, but one suspects that he has a grander design in mind. For those who have faith in him, this is the promise of his presidency. But for those who don’t, this is the real threat, that the best player at the table has not yet shown all his cards.